In Praise Of... The Bugle

The first in an occasional series of praising great radio and it's a slight cheat as Open House's Chris Skinner has produced the show for three years. For those unfamiliar with the show, it's two comics (Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver) taking the latest global news and regurgitating it with scepticism, satire and wonderment. Originally hosted by The Times, and now existing purely thanks to listener contributions the show is now one of the world's most popular podcasts and it's bitingly funny. 

Here's the latest show: 

The Hackney Empire Podcast: Carnaby Street

The first in a series of six podcasts from The Hackney Empire in London is now available on The Hackney Empire website, Soundcloud and here...

Legendary theatre director Bob Tomson talks to Chris Skinner about his new production, Carnaby Street, set to debut at The Hackney Empire on 6th April